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The combination of morning routines are endless, so whether your mornings currently consist of unpredictable scattered events or if you already have a consistent flow of tasks, it never hurts to adapt your routine to maximize your morning and create an effective launchpad into your day. 

Activate Your Innards

Lemon water for your body is like oil for the Tinman. It lubricates your internal system and is an excellent way to wake up your body. The first thing your body ingests sets your mood for the entire day. Water itself serves to stimulate the gastrointestinal track and peristalsis, meaning the muscle in the intestinal wall contracts and pulses to keep things flowing.  The lemon engages the digestive system, which increases metabolism and prepares your digestion for coming meals. Lemon, although acidic outside your system, becomes a high alkalizing substance that’s high in minerals and vitamins which combats toxins and loosens ama in your digestive system.

Eat Breakfast

 A nutritious breakfast is one of the healthiest morning routines you can have! It will help you jump start your metabolism and provides you with the appropriate energy you need to get on with a busy day. If you’re trying to eat less, reduce your food intake near the end of the day when your digestion and metabolism naturally slows down.

Blend Some Greens

The green part of your smoothie is what’s going to boost your morning energy levels. That’s because it will likely be spinach, kale, or some other leafy greens that provide phytonutrients, fiber, and minerals that your body turns into sustainable energy. Check back in with your body 30 minutes after drinking it and notice how much better you feel.

Do a Stretching Routine

A simple 5-minute stretch in the morning will wake your muscles up and get them ready for the day ahead. Be sure to listening to what your body wants. Modify your stretches accordingly to be more in-tune with what your body needs.

Get Moving

Jumpstart your cells by doing a quick morning exercise. Anything will do to get your blood flowing. Jog, walk, dance, yoga, dust off that basketball, the options are endless. 

Source: Yogi Surprise

EZDoctor and April Partner to Offer Virtual Doctor Visits to International Travelers

EZDoctor, the leader in healthcare transparency and April, a global travel insurance provider have recently partnered to offer telemedicine services to patients traveling abroad that are in need of medical assistance.

The alliance between EZDoctor and April, allows patients to remotely consult with a U.S. board certified physician while traveling abroad.

With EZDoctor's support, April will be connecting their travelers from around the world with doctors anytime, anywhere needing only a webcam enabled device and a reliable internet connection.

These virtual physician consultations are not intended to treat emergency medical conditions/situations. Patients will receive primary care services, treatment for common ailments like the flu, allergies, rashes etc. and educational and informative medical advice from a trained and thoroughly screened professional.

EZDoctor and April are working together to improve the doctor-patient experience by providing on demand consultations and with doctors readily available to treat patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To serve the needs of April's global travelers patients are connected with U.S. physicians within 15 minutes and can currently request doctors that are fluent in English, Spanish, French, or Portuguese.

According to the American Telemedicine Association, approximately 10 million patients benefited from using telemedicine last year. The telemedicine industry is developing quickly and becoming more prominent in societies around the world. EZDoctor and April are two leaders expanding quality telemedicine services worldwide.

"We're very excited about this partnership, we believe patients should have access to a board certified physician anywhere and anytime. As telemedicine continues to be a rapidly growing component of healthcare in the United States, we want to provide patients an accessible way to treat their healthcare needs when they are away from home," said David Marsidi, EZDoctor's founder and CEO.

"April & EZDoctor are both convenient, progressive thought leaders in the way we prioritize the patient's needs and that is what we want to deliver through this new service by offering a fast, easy, reliable and secure doctor consultations," continued Marsidi. "Together we will deliver the world-class healthcare service that patients deserve."        

EZDoctor and April patients will:

  • Have access to telemedicine services 24/7.
  • Resolve unexpected medical problems when traveling.
  • Receive virtual physicians consultations from any location worldwide.
  • Connect with a physician within 15 minutes of their request.
  • Have better outcomes because of timelier access to a physician.
  • Reduce unnecessary admissions, save time and money.
  • Receive primary care services on the go.

About EZDoctor
EZDoctor, healthcare technology business located in Florida, provides healthcare services nationwide. As an advocate for healthcare information transparency, EZDoctor developed a Carfax type of report but for doctors called EZDoctor Reports, to help patients make better decisions when it comes to choosing a doctor. With their rapid growth in the healthcare technology industry and over 1.5M+ doctor profiles, EZDoctor has radically transformed the industry by connecting healthcare consumers with the best doctors and equipping them with accurate information to make an informed healthcare decision.

About April
April has been a leading brand providing quality Travel and other Specialty Insurance programs providing services in Europe, Latin America and the U.S.
April offers comprehensive travel insurance & assistance plans covering multiple trips for frequent travelers. 

Quick Tips for Choosing a Doctor

When you choose a primary care doctor for yourself or a loved one, make sure to choose a doctor you can trust. A primary care doctor can help you make important decisions, like which screening tests and shots to get, treat many health problems, refer you to a specialist when you need more help with a specific health issue.

Here are some things you should know before selecting a physician

  • Listens to your opinions and concerns
  • Encourages you to ask questions
  • Explains things in ways you can understand

When you and your doctor work together as a team, you’ll get better health care. Try the following tips to find a doctor who’s right for you.

Research your doctor.

If you have health insurance, you may need to choose a doctor in their network. Some insurance plans may let you choose a doctor outside the network if you pay more of the cost.

What you should know about your doctor:

  • Contact information, Locations and Gender. 
  • License Information. It is important to know if your doctor is licensed to provide the care that you need.
  • Education. To learn more about your physician’s background EZDoctor Reports contain information regarding where they studied, graduation date, board certifications, as well as their internship, residency and fellowship. This will help you make an educated decision regarding your doctor’s training and ability.
  • Hospital Affiliations/Privileges.  Its common practice for a doctor to have their office in one location and perform treatment in a separate location. For example, you could go to a doctor’s office for a consultation regarding your knee and that doctor might provide treatment and/or surgery at a hospital that he is affiliated with or has privileges. By having this information before hand, it can help you in deciding whether this doctor would be the most convenient for you.
  • Procedure Pricing Information. When taking care of any health concern, one of the main things we consider is the cost associated with any procedures that might be necessary. An EZDoctor report will display an average charge for procedures performed by the physician you are reviewing.
  • Patient Referral Summary.  Primary care physicians, when needed, refer patients to a specialist. Especially when they face a diagnosis that is beyond their Scope of Practice. With an EZDoctor report you will see the  physicians referral pattern.
  • Pricing/Prescribing Habits. Is your  doctor more likely to prescribe a name brand versus a generic drug? Despite your preference, by seeing a breakdown of the most common prescriptions a physician orders you can get a clear view of his prescribing tendencies and average price per prescription.
  • Disciplinary Actions. Finding out if a physician has been sanctioned or not by a state medical board can be very useful when it comes to selecting a doctor to visit. Equally important is to know  what those infractions were related to.
  • Criminal Offenses. While federal criminal records are not available to the public, EZDoctor reports include state government records that indicate whether a physician has ever been charged or convicted of a crime. Allowing you to have this information prior to any consultation and/or treatment.
  • Malpractice Claims. You have the right to know if your physician has been involved in any incidents regarding his medical care. From surgical and medication errors to misdiagnoses, EZDoctor will provide the information you need.
  • Patient Reviews. It’s always good to know what other patients are saying about a physician. EZDoctor reports collect patient reviews from multiple sources.

Other important questions to ask about the doctor:

  • Is the doctor taking new patients?
  • Is the doctor part of a group practice? Who are the other doctors?
  • Who will see you if your doctor isn’t available?
  • Which hospital does the doctor use?
  • If you have a medical condition, does the doctor have experience treating it?
  • What languages does the doctor speak? 

You can find all the information you need on a physician by obtaining an EZDoctor Report. Go to now to get started! 


Tips for Fluency

You may have found that you can do things which help your talking. . When you are getting stuck with your talking:

  • Try to take your time rather than rushing
  • Speak a bit more slowly
  • Say what you want to say
  • Be patient with yourself and say what you want to say
  • Pause for a moment before you start to speak
  • Don't always expect the worst - sometimes it goes well
  • Remember to congratulate yourself for trying things out
  • Try to have a go at things
  • Don't force the words - it just makes them harder to say
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Give yourself a few treats
  • The faster you try to speak the less you will manage to say
  • Try not to bottle out!
  • Talk about it rather than trying to hide it
  • Maybe you have tried some ideas and found them helpful.

Remember, you can't do all of these things all of the time - perhaps you could pick one you know works and try to do it a little more often, or perhaps try a new one!

Watch out for tricks!!  

You may have tried out some things to stop stammering which may have helped to start with, but aren't working any longer. For instance:

  • Changing words
  • Avoiding certain speaking situations
  • Taking a deep breath before talking
  • Looking away from the person who is listening
  • Tapping with your hand or foot
  • Nodding your head or moving your body
  • Adding in extra sounds or words

These tricks are often hard work and when they don't work, they don't help. In fact sometimes they make communicating even harder because people may not understand what you say and then you have to try again...